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Ibuychemikals - One Stop to buy Chemicals directly from Manufacturers

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Looking to buy chemicals online in India? Ibuychemikals.com has it all.

Basic Chemicals | Specialty Chemicals | Laboratory Chemicals | Food Chemicals | Laundry Chemicals | House Keeping Chemicals

Buying chemicals online is 100 eras superior when compared to conventional shopping. Ibuychemikals is one of the few chemical e-commerce websites in India to offer a wide assortment of chemicals under a single roof.

Ease of procuring quality chemicals is the greatest advantage of ibuychemikals.com. When it comes to buying chemicals in small quantities, there are very high chances of adulteration which in turn results in an entirely different end product. Through our Parent company Pure chemicals Co, we learnt that there were plenty of requests for high purity chemicals in smaller quantity and surprisingly they were also hard to get. It was for this reason that we started ibuychemikals.com which aims to be the ultimate destination to buy chemicals online in India and be the befitting answer to the query “where to buy chemicals near me?”

The website is aptly categorized to suite every requirement of our customers and has LR, AR and HPLC grades. Acetic Acid, Diethylene Glycol, Exxsol, Glycerine, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopar, Methylene Chloride, n-Butanol, n-Heptane etc. listed in general category is widely used by research students,testing laboratories of manufacturing units etc. Boiler water chemicals, RO chemicals, anti scalants and several other chemicals are available under Water Treatment chemicals..

The Lab chemicals category has an extensive list of chemicals which includes Acetone HPLC, Ammonium Molybdate LR, Sodium Nitrate AR, Potassium Chloride LR, N Hexane AR, Toluene AR etc. and is procured by educational institutions and research students. You can buy these chemicals online in bulk & small quantities.

We also have the most sought after Laundry Chemicals like Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, Soda Ash etc. in varying quantities. Epoxy Thinners, NC Thinner and PU Thinners of best quality are readily available for the paint industry. Our exclusive House Keeping Chemicals stand out for their performance in handling toughest stains, the product range includes Hard Surface Cleaner, Glass surface cleaner, Hard Stain Remover, Liquid Soap and Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The Food Chemicals category offers Caramel B which is smooth, soft and chewy with the perfect aroma of caramel. It is available in 500 gram to 200 Kg to cater to the requirements of small and large scale users.

All consignments are professionally packaged & delivered safe with proper supporting documents, data sheets, authorization certificate and material safety instructions.

We value our customers’ privacy & confidentiality of information, and have highly secured online transactions. To achieve this we have industry recommended site lock & https in place. We have a dedicated Toll-free number to support customers who buy chemicals online. Open policies and Terms & conditions are drafted in mutual benefit and have a genuine return policy when the need arises. Lastly, considering our busy life style and latest trends, we have made our website mobile responsive, make use of M-commerce to buy chemicals on the go. Whenever you buy chemicals online you save time,effort and above all lets you stay focused at work leaving behind worries.