Spectacular SFX chemicals

From safety to compatibility, Isopar L by Exxon Mobil possess all the qualities of a perfect burning fuel. Leading SFX machine manufacturers prefer Isopar L and here are the reasons why they choose it.

  • Narrow Boiling Range
  • Low Electrical conductivity
  • Easy Machine Maintenance
  • Provides Odourless Ambience
  • Safe to handle
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SFX Chemicals

Product Description

Isopar fluids by Exxon Mobil are high-purity synthetic isoparaffin solvent. Isopar L is preferred as the burning fuel for SFX machine by manufacturers, as it possess a good number of benefits. Isopar is a synthetic solvent with high performance in nature. It is an odorless, & colorless liquid which provides the comfort & ambience required for the audience. It’s narrow boiling range aid to the perfect combination of flash points. Other grades of Isopar G & Isopar H are also used in stage effects. Isopar H is used in creating misty and fog effects on stage.

SFX chemicals such as Isopar L, G & H are more suitable for SFX machines, as they are safe to handle and also does not damage the machine. If you are looking for the best place to buy SFX chemicals online, ibuychemikals.com is the right choice


Yes you can use, however make sure to use high grade burning fuel as low grade burning fuel might lead to accidents and also can spoil the machine. Opting for a high grade burning fuel like Isopar L will avoid such problems.