Nitric Acid 69 to 72 Percent

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CAS.No: 7697-37-2
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Purity Percentage: 70.10%

Chemical State: Colourless liquid

Chemical formula: HNO3

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Nitric acid, 69 to 72% extra pure, is a colorless liquid with a suffocating odor. It is also known as passivation-grade nitric acid. It is used to remove iron residue, form an oxide layer, and thus act as corrosion resistance. It is also used in organic synthesis, etching steel, and photo-engravation. It is capable of attacking almost all metals as it is extra pure.

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Technical Informations

Purity Percentage 70.10%
Chemical State Colorless liquid
Chemical formula HNO3
Synonym acide nitrique
CAS No. 7697-37-2

Frequently Asked Question

It means that the nitric acidis 69–72%% extrapure, or it is also calledpassivation-gradee nitric acid