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Welcome to ibuychemikals’ Help Page, here you can find answers to commonly arising questions when you are quiet new to the website. We have also includes queries which were raised by our customers, if you still feel your doubts are not cleared we are just a call away, contact us on our Toll free Number or Write to us, we are there to help.

  • Why we ask for address proof?

    Our ultimate goal is to make buying chemicals online safe for you and us. We all know handling chemicals demands high safety standards, and we need to take care it’s in the right hands for research and development purpose.

    Safety at the highest order

    As a company who has been delivering chemicals for the past 40+ years and through online services for the past 5 yrs.

    To step up safety measures and to make sure chemicals are reaching the right hands, furnishing address proof of shipping & billing address is a mandate.

    In case the shipping address is different from the ID provided Ibuychemikals may call the customer to verify the reason for shipping address change and customer should provide the following valid ID / proof of document for both shipping & billing address:

    Billing Address – ID document option (Mandate)

    • GST
    • Aadhar
    • Driving Licences
    • Govt. Employment ID

    Shipping Address – ID document option (Required if shipping address is different)

    • GST
    • Aadhar
    • Driving Licences
    • Govt. Employment ID
    • Declaration of Chemical Purchase for Educational Purposes (Download Template)
    • Company Registration License
    • Rental Agreement – Office / Home
    • University / College Student & Staff ID
    • Police Verification Certificate

    Our ultimate goal is to make buying chemicals safe for you and us.

  • Should I sign up to place an order with ibuychemikals?

    Yes, you need to sign up to place an order with us. No worries, the information is kept highly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

  • Are there limitations for ordering? minimum or maximum quantity?

    There is no minimum quantity for an order, however the maximum quantity is 30 Litre or 30 Kg per order.

  • In what container will I get the chemical? Do I have a choice of container?

    Chemicals come in glass, plastic or metal containers, priority is give to compatibility and safety concerns. When there is a choice of container it is mentioned along with pricing, else there is no choice.

  • Whom to contact if I have difficulty in placing an order?

    You can reach us through our WhatsApp/Call Us: +9173388 51002, Mon-Sat, 9.30 am to 6.30 pm else drop a mail to

  • When will the consignment reach me?

    All consignments are delivered within 7 to 12 working days, any unexpected delays will be intimated.

  • Do you have Cash On Delivery facility?

    Yes,Cash on delivery option is available. Kindly check our Cash on delivery policy page to know more.

  • What if I receive a damaged product?

    Within applicable limits the product will be replaced.

  • How long can I hold products in the cart?

    You can hold products in the cart as long as you wish.

  • What is self pick up?

    To waiver transportation charges you can choose self pick up. It is available only for Chennai customers.

  • Is there any age limit for placing an order

    Yes, you should be above 18 years to place an order at

  • Will I get COA of the chemicals I had ordered?

    Yes, You will receive a hard copy of COA when the order is delivered.

  • Can students/professors from institutions order online ?

    Yes, you can by furnishing the required proofs

  • I am a seller of chemicals, can I list my products @ What are your offerings for a seller?

    Sellers from different chemical domains are welcome. As registered seller at you enjoy
    1.Free Listing
    2.No Annual charges
    3.Free online promotion
    4.Free SEO optimization