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Mix Xylene

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Mix – Xylene refers to the mixture of m-xylene, o-xylene, and p-xylene.

CAS No. : EGCARS000002

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Mix Xylene Features :

Mix Xylene or Mixed Xylene, denoted by the formula (CH3)2C6H4 is an aromatic hydrocarbon and is a mixture of 3 isomers namely meta-xylene, ortho xylene and para-xylene. Mix xylene is insoluble in water but miscible in alcohol and several organic solvents. Further details on its properties and safe handling can be referred in mix xylene MSDS.

Mix xylene uses are many and a handful of them have a close encounter with us in our daily life. Leather, paint, varnish,rust preventive oil and rubber industries buy mix xylene to use them as solvents. When compared to toluene it exhibits slower drying, and is used as a preferred replacement in desired situations.For lab uses like making baths and cleaning stained slides only small quantities are required and you can buy mix xylene online at ibuychemikals. We offer competitive mix xylene price in India for both small quantity requirement and bulk orders.

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