With every industry taking their sales on to the e-commerce platform, the chemical industry is no exception and to buy fine chemicals online is a boon.

Ibuychemicals.com is an entity of Pon Pure Chemicals who deal with chemicals in small quantity,be it for Lab Chemicals, Water treatment Chemicals, Food colors, Rust Preventive oils, Laundry Chemicals etc., we have it all. Of the pharmaceutical chemicals in small quantity glycerol formal is widely used and we are experts in delivering you the exact specification. All you have to do to buy pharma chemicals online is, get yourself registered with basic details and place your order from anywhere in India and also get them delivered to any location in India.

Check out the website for great offers which are posted on a regular basic. We are the best pharmaceutical chemical online supplier in India who deal with quantities big and small adhering to strict quality parameters.

One can buy fine chemicals like Triethyl Citrate, Ethyl Oleate, Glycerol Formal, Triacetin, Diethyl Phthalate etc. in quantities as small as 1 Kg. Glycerol formal a prominent pharmaceutical chemicals

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