The Exceptional Electronic Component Cleaner

From High-tech IC boards to Semiconductors & more, EL grade IPA can clean electronic components without damaging the product. Pure Chem’s EL grade IPA is the most trusted brand among the leading PCB and semiconductor manufacturers. It possesses several features which make it the perfect cleaning solution

Advantages of 3D printing Cleaning Chemicals:
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Removes Grease-Flux
  • Disperses water
  • Water Repellent
  • Non Foaming
  • High coverage
  • Rapid Evaporation
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Electronic Grade Cleaning (IPA 99.9%)

Product Description

Electronic grade IPA has low water content, that’s less than 0.1% which reduces the risk of damage or malfunction of electronic devices. EL Grade IPA is non-conductive making them more suitable to clean electronic components as it does not conduct electricity and cause short circuit. It has a high boiling point, making it effective at removing contaminants from electronic devices without causing damage. Also, EL grade IPA has extremely low levels of impurities such as oils, acids etc., which can damage the electronic devices.

EL Grade IPA Uses:

EL Grade IPA can be used across several industries for various applications such as cleaning of printed circuit boards, resin removal, 3D printing equipment cleaning, industrial cleaning, disinfecting in medical and dental clinics, semiconductor & disk drive cleaning and drying, Food machinery cleaning and more.


There are a few points to be considered while choosing the right EL grade IPA for cleaning semiconductors and Printed circuit boards. Compatibility:- make sure the material that’ll be cleaned using EL grade IPA is compatible. Purity: Choose 99.9% purity, check for spec declaration on the label.