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We offer an extensive range of metal working chemicals which include rust preventives, rust preventive water miscible, speciality oils, cleaners, rust cleaners, paint stripping chemicals, aluminum finning lubricant and metal working fluids (coolants). Our products are specially formulated to provide the perfect balance of performance and user friendliness.

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Metal Working Fluids

Product Description

Metal working fluids consist of numerous formulations, ranging from straight oils such as petroleum oils to water-based fluids, which include soluble oils and semisynthetic/synthetic fluids. Applying metal working fluids helps improve the quality of the workpiece by continuously removing the fines, chips, and swarfs from the tool being used and the surface of the workpiece.

Rust preventive oils help prevent metals and equipment from rust. Rust preventive oils plays a major role in preventing rust formation in industrial setups and help to retain the quality of the product/ metal surfaces. From Semi finished metal parts to finished metal components, rust preventive oil is used for various applications in several industries. Our series of rust preventive oils for metals are mostly solvent based and possess desirable features like high flash point, non-staining, dewatering, high coverage, dry to touch, suitable for acidic environment and more.


Yes. Metal working fluids are basically classified into four categories namely Straight Oils, Soluble Oils (emulsifiable oils), Semi-synthetic fluids and Synthetic fluids.