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Vooki Disinfectant L15 | Use at Floor / Wall / Windows / Domestic Households and more | Skin Safe

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Disinfectant Spray L15 in vooki is used to disinfect hard surface including floor, wall, windows etc of domestic households, class rooms, cinema halls, shops and establishments, inside office spaces etc. This Disinfectant Spray is a blend of good oxidizing biocide and broad-spectrum antimicrobial active ingredients

  • Kills 99.9% germs*
  • Effective against all microbes like bacteria, fungi, virus etc
  • Skin Safe
  • Non Corrosive
  • keeps surfaces bacteriostatic for a brief time
  • Bio-degradable
  • Dilution Ratio: 10ml in 1000 ml of water

CAS No. : IBCL15

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Disinfectant L15:

Are you looking out for the best disinfectant spray online in India ?

If your answer is yes you can buy disinfectant spray online from vooki. There are quite a few disinfectants and household cleaning chemicals,each designed for specific purpose. An excellent product for disinfecting class room, cinema halls, household and offices areas is vooki disinfectant L15. It is a good oxidizing biocide and kills 99.9% germs. With all the goodness of killing a wide range of microbes it has an added advantage of being bio-degradable. As a cleaning disinfectant the dilution ratio is appreciable which is 10ml in 1000ml of water.

Vooki industrial disinfectant spray is exclusively designed for effective cleaning & disinfecting in industries with most of them being biodegradable. Vooki Disinfectant P60 & Vooki Disinfectant L30 are our industrial disinfectant spray India. Use the right disinfectant with prescribed dilution and precautions to have effective germicidal action. Disinfectant Spray L15 is available in quantities of 5Litre, 25L, 50L & 200L.

Common Questions & Answered:

1. How long will it take for Chennai orders to reach when you buy disinfectant liquid online?

Due to the existing unprecedented situation delivery may take longer than normal, once the order is despatched intimations will be sent.

2. Any ID proof required to buy disinfectant spray online in India?

If the order is purely on household cleaning chemicals NO ID proof is required to buy disinfectant spray online.

3. Are any Industrial disinfectant spray available?

Yes, Vooki Disinfectant P60 & Vooki Disinfectant L30 are available, check specifications to choose the right one for your purpose

4. Is it possible to buy disinfectant liquid online in quantities less than 5L?

As of now the minimum quantity is only 5 Lts.

5.What does your product Vooki disinfectant L15 consist mainly of ?

Vooki Disinfectant L15 is a blend of alcohol mixture and quaternary ammonium compounds.

6.How effective is Vooki disinfectant L15 in killing germs?

It kills 99.99% microbes very effectively

7.Is Vooki disinfectant L15 effective only against bacteria?

Vooki disinfectant L15 is efficient against virus, bacteria and fungus.

8.What is the mechanism of action in Vooki disinfectant L15?

A three way mechanism is handled by Vooki disinfectant L15 to kill microorganisms.

1.Inactivates energy producing enzymes
2.Denaturation of essential cell protein
3.Disruption of cell membrane and cell lysis

9. Is Vooki disinfectant L15 biodegradable?

Yes, Vooki disinfectant L15 is biodegradable

10.What is the impact on nature when using Vooki disinfectant L15?

No harmful products are left behind after its use, and also aquatic toxicity is very low.

11.Does Vooki disinfectant L15 work better than chlorine based products?

Yes, it works better than almost all chlorine based products and even more it is much safer as well.

12.Will Vooki disinfectant L15 degenerate (lose its strength) with exposture to light and temperature?

No, it has excellent stability when compared to chlorine based compounds.

13.What are the application areas of Vooki disinfectant L15?

Application areas include Hard surfaces like Floor, wall, windows,domestic household cleaning, housekeeping, inside office, class room, cinema hall, shops and fabric disinfectant.

14.What is the dilution needed for Vooki disinfectant L15?

Critical surfaces - 1:50 i.e 20 ml 1 L of water
Non critical surfaces - 1:100 i.e 10 ml in 1L of water

15.What is contact time?

It is the minimum time required for the disinfectant to remain in contact with a surface for it to effectively kill germs.

16.What is the contact time for Vooki disinfectant L15?

Allow 30 min for Vooki disinfectant L15 to dry.

17.How often should Vooki disinfectant L15 household cleaning chemicals be used?

Use Vooki disinfectant L15 every day for germ free environment.

18.What are the precautions to be followed to use Vooki disinfectant L15?

Wear protective gears like standard Butyl II gloves or good synthetic rubber gloves, boots , overcoat with full sleeves & N95 mask.
Avoid contact with eyes nose & ears , in case of contact, wash with plenty of water immediately.

19.In what quantities is Vooki disinfectant L15 available?

5L,25L,50L and 200L are the denominations in which Vooki disinfectant L15 is available

20.What is the shelf life of Vooki disinfectant L15?

The shelf life of Vooki disinfectant L15 is 18 months.

Product Comparison

Disinfectant Cleaner GUARD P60 Disinfectant L15 Disinfectant L30
Target Application Domestic/Industrial surfaces. Tiles, Wood, Marbles, Cement, Kitchen countertops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminium, Iron, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic and other washable hard surfaces Sprayed in Outdoor Surfaces of Factory units, Garden area, Common outdoor areas of commercial institutions etc Indoors Surfaces. Used to disinfectant on hard surface including floor, wall, windows etc of institutions / households Direct Spray appliction on domestic & Industrial space. Sensitive production units /objects like Gas cylinders, vehicles, inventories stored etc.
Primary Usage Disinfectant + Cleaner Disinfectant Disinfectant Disinfectant
Power of Germ Kill [Rank 1-4] 2 1 4 3
Germicide Property Kills 99.9% Germs* Kills 99.9% Germs* Kills 99.9% Germs* Kills 99.9% Germs*
24 Hours Germ Protection^ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skin Safe Yes No No No
Earth Safe Yes, Biodegradable Yes, Biodegradable Yes, Biodegradable Yes, Biodegradable
Dilution Ratio 20ml in 1 Ltr water Non critical: 2ml in 1 Ltr of water
Critical: 3.3 ml in 1 Ltr of water
Critical: 20ml in 1 Ltr of water
Non critical: 10ml in 1 Ltr of water
40ml in 1 Ltr of water
Contact time After applying allow to dry for 15 min After applying allow to dry for 20 min After applying allow to dry for 30 min After applying allow to dry for 15 min
Frequency of use Daily Daily Daily Daily
Safety Precaution
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, ears and mouth
  • Recommend to use either 1 hour before opening premise or after closure of office hours.
  • Not to be used on aluminium, copper, mild steel and fabrics.
  • At the time of spraying, the user must wear standard Butyl II gloves or any good synthetic rubber gloves, boots, overcoat with full sleeves, and N95 mask
  • Recommend Spray gun made of Stainless Steel SS(316) or HDPE or PVC.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, ears and mouth
  • No Direct usage on food contact applications
  • Once diluted, use the solution within 24 hours.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, ears and mouth
Available Pack Size 5L, 25L, 50L, 200L 5L, 35 L 5L, 25L, 50L, 200L 5L, 25L, 50L, 200L
Shelf Life 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months

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