Purchase and Delivery

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A User can place an order for the required product on the website of Company after filing in the KYC Form and/or other details as would be required by Company. After the order has been placed by the User, Company shall verify the details and only on complete satisfaction of Company, Company shall send a confirmation of the order to the User. The User agrees that any order placed by it can be cancelled at any time, either wholly or partly, at the sole discretion of Company.

On sending the order confirmation to the User, Company shall on a best endeavor basis try to deliver the order on or before the stipulated time as mentioned in order confirmation, either by itself or through its affiliates. User agrees there may be delays on delivery of the order. Such delay shall not give the User a right to seek/claim damages/compensation from Company. Estimated delivery time is 7-10 working days which excludes Sundays and public holidays.
Company shall fulfill its obligation to deliver the order when it/ its affiliate has handed over the goods as per the order confirmation into the charge of the carrier. All applicable taxes, shipping and handling fees, special packaging materials, carrier surcharges and hazardous material fees, etc, imposed by government regulations will be added to the order confirmation invoice.

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