Exxsol D130

Exxsol D130

Exxsol D130 - Low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent is manufactured by Exxon Mobil and is channelize for sale only through authorized online distributor.
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CAS No. : EGCDEH000001

Category : Deodorised Hydrocarbon

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Exxsol D130, a low odor aromatic hydrocarbon solvent is a petroleum based product. It consists mainly of alkanes, cyclics and isoalkanes. Exxsol D130 uses are spread across industrial and consumer applications as solvent for metal working and as coatings. One can buy exxsol D130 in small quantity from ibuychemikals,the trusted chemical store to buy online in India.

Exxsol D130 is readily flammable and it should be handled in well ventilated work spaces and away from ignition sources.As experienced online distributor and supplier of chemicals we take utmost care and deliver chemicals professionally. With every purchase, Exxsol D130 MSDS and COA are attached as mandate so that safety precautions are followed. Buy Exxsol D130 online at ibuychemikals to enjoy unmatched quality and competitive pricing.

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