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Cleaning chemicals are used as a component in cleaning products. Be it home cleaning or industrial cleaning products, cleaning chemicals are used in various industries such as laundry,domestic cleaners, personal care, textile finishing, wood treating products, metal working products and more .We offer a wide spectrum of cleaning chemicals for every industry.

ExxonMobil is the biggest producer of dearomatized hydrocarbon fluids in the globe, and their products are marketed under the brand name Exxsol. The advantages of Exxsol series solvents have totally replaced traditional solvents such as white spirit or mineral spirit. These petroleum-based products have low odor and good solvency while meeting health and environmental standards. Exxsol is mostly composed of paraffins, cycloparaffins, and isoparaffins. Exxsol D40, Exxsol D60, Exxsol D80, Exxsol D95, Exxsol D110, and Exxsol D130are the solvents of the Exxsol family..

Exxsol D Grades are hydrocarbon fluids designed for specific uses and available in a range of distillation ranges and evaporation rates. They are used as solvents, dispersants, diluents, and carriers in a variety of applications.

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Cleaning Chemicals

Product Description

Cleaning chemicals are used as an ingredient in various cleaning products. Industrial cleaning chemicals include detergents, disinfectants, sanitizers, air hygiene and ventilation biocides, descalers, solvent cleaners, oil dispersants, quick break self-emulsifying cleaners, engineering pre-commission cleaners, and more.

Uses of Cleaning Chemicals :
  • Butyl glycol is used as a component in many home cleaning products, and it provides excellent cleaning power for cleaning.

  • TCE or trichloroethylene is a part of cleaning wipes, aerosol cleaning products, tool cleaners, paint removers, spray adhesives, carpet cleaners and spot removers.

  • Cyclohexanone is used as a solvent in insecticides, wood stains, paint and varnish removers, spot removers, cellulosics, natural and synthetic resins and lacquers.

  • Ethyl Cellosolve is used as a multi purpose cleaner as it possess the excellent ability to dissolve oils, lacquers, resins, grease, nitrocellulose and waxes. It is used in products such as varnish removers and degreasing solutions.
Our extensive range of cleaning chemicals include EXXSOL D80, Methyl iso butyl ketone, toluene and more.


There are several types of cleaning agents namely acidic, alkaline, neutral and scouring agents.