Palladium(II) Acetate

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Get the Palladium(II) acetate, Pd(OAc)2at online. Cross-coupling reactions for C-C, C-N, and C-O bond formation ( Such as Heck cross-coupling, Stille cross-coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig cross-coupling etc., Palladium(II) acetate the catalyst, holds the formula Pd(OAc)2, has the CAS No. 3375-31-3, its MW is 224.51 and is orange to brown in appearance. The right place to buy Palladium(II) acetate online in India is ibuychemikals.


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Palladium(II) acetate bears the formula Pd(CH3COO)2 and has the CAS No.3375-31-3 which comes under the category Palladium Catalyst. One can buy Palladium(II) acetate in other names like Palladium diacetate, hexakis(acetato) tripalladium and bis(acetato) palladium . It is used as a catalyst for organic reactions, alkenes, dienes, and alkyl, aryl, and vinyl halides to form reactive adducts.

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Appearance: Orange to Brown Powder