The word “Buy” does not simply indicate paying money and buying the product when it comes to the chemical industry, it means more than that. Sourcing chemicals is par different from sourcing for any other business. It involves more techniques, pain points and limitations.

Procurement of Chemicals:

Chemical procurement is the process of acquiring items and/or ingredients for business purposes. Chemical procurement has to be done with keen eyes and wise knowledge about chemicals.

Procurement of chemicals is all about obtaining the raw materials and chemicals at the right price and specification without compromising the quality and quantity of chemicals.

Customers from various industries source chemicals to achieve end products for their business. Sourcing chemicals involves a long supply chain and due to this long process, customers face a hike in price from time to time based on the changing demands. It is one of the biggest pain points for the customer to get chemicals at a standard price.


Supply chain

A supply chain is a path through which chemicals reach the hands of the customers and it is achieved by combining chemical manufacturers, producers, and distributors to deliver the end product/ chemicals to the consumer in the chemical industry.

Chemical companies purchase raw materials/by-products/ingredients from suppliers and convert them into chemical products. Then the chemical products are distributed to distributors who sell the chemicals to customers in various industries.

Raw materials---> Chemical Suppliers ---> Manufacturers --->Experts --->Distributors --->Retailer ---> Consumer/ Industry

Challenge in Sourcing Chemicals:

Companies face a handful of challenges like increasing regulations, quality, sustainability, changing demand-supply situations, and more.

One of the primary challenges faced by the consumer is obtaining chemicals within their shelf life. As chemicals pass through different stops to reach the customers, problems like the purity of the chemicals, shelf life, and price hike play a crucial role in every single purchase.

If the supply chain is not proper, everything might become chaotic. Lack of transparent communication between the supplier and the consumer leads to poor awareness about the exact source of the raw materials and chemicals. Consumers faced this crisis during the pandemic situation.

The shelf life of chemicals makes buying / delivering them on time a high priority and when there are issues like poor transportation, delayed deliveries and damaged goods doesn’t make it anything easier for consumers.


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