Vooki Screen Cleaner 500ml | for Smartphone Screens and Monitors | ECO Friendly



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  • Special Formulation made for easily removing dust, smudges and fingerprints for cleaning plasma, LED, LCD, HD/3D TVs, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphone and More
  • Portable & Travel Friendly - Easy to take with you anywhere, great for travel.
  • Streak free - vooki screen cleaning spray is formulated to gently and effectively clean fingerprints, dust, oils and soils on all types of screens and monitors without leaving streaks or residue on the now shiny clean screen.
  • ECO Friendly: NO CFCs / CTC
  • Not recommended for nano textured glass/ Apple mac products.


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Screen Cleaner:

Its time to clean your screens:

Its during the pandemic that we have used our mobiles, tabs, laptops, desk top and television sets the maximum. How much are we caring for them? Surprised at that question? Don’t be, for the number of people using the mobile screen cleaner spray have increased, as its advised for keeping safe from virus and bacteria specially during the pandemic.

So is it necessary to use a laptop screen cleaner spray? Why not use a damp cloth or simply a dry cloth?

Yes, you can use a dry cloth to wipe laptop screens but you will only be either displacing the dirt from one place to another or not picking them completely. Microfibre cloth is effective in picking up dust. Use of damp cloth that’s with water, is a clear NO, as the moisture content would spoil the device. A laptop / mobile screen cleaner spray is the right choice as it is alcohol based and evaporates within a couple of seconds and by then the cleaning action will be completed. Food and finger print marks are removed completely without leaving behind streaks upon using the best laptop and mobile screen cleaner . There are umpteen mobile screen cleaners online but you should be careful in selecting one which has alcohol content above 70%. Vooki screen cleaner has the recommended level of alcohol and disinfects perfectly to give you streak free cleaning.

When you buy mobile screen cleaner online from Vooki you can use it across all electronic devices like laptop, tablets, smart phones and television sets which include LED, LCD, HD & 3D. With the prevailing pandemic situation one must disinfect our electronic items to free them of any germs and using the best laptop and mobile screen cleaner will alone serve the purpose. When you buy mobile screen cleaner online or offline, it is best to read the instructions for use though you know how to use. With Vooki screen cleaner all you have to do is, spray on to a cloth and then wipe the screen clean.

The process to buy mobile screen cleaner online at our site is very simple, just fill your basic details like Name, Address, Phone number, mail-id etc. to register and make payment. Your consignment will reach you within 7-10 working days ( if restrictions prevail due to pandemic it may take a little longer) Buy laptop screen cleaner or any other products from Vooki worth Rs.1000 or more and get free shipping.

Buy laptop screen cleaner from Vooki which is handy to carry and keep your devices protected.