Afcona Additives, a global additive company with manufacturing, technical, and commercial operations in four continents is well known for its continuous innovation, dedicated R&D, technical servicing capability and quality. Afcona’s products are found in series of 2000 to 6000 and are defined to do explicit additive functions. You can buy Afcona baking paints online in India at ibuychemikals. As paints and coatings supplier we have almost all the series of Afcona. For small quantities of paint chemicals go for online shopping as they are available in 5 and 25 Kg. If you are looking for larger quantities as in tons our parent company Pure Chemicals Co. has it all for they are paint chemicals wholesale supplier.

All Afcona product series are available for both solvent-based systems and water based systems. Here is an outline of the series

i) 2000 Series - Defoamers & Deaerators
ii) 3000 Series - Slip & leveling agents
iii) 4000 Series - High molecular weight polymeric dispersant
iv) 5000 Series - Conventional Wetting & Dispersing Agents
v) 6000 Series - Miscellaneous products

If you want to buy Afcona polyurethane coatings in India & it does not reflect in our product list do send us an enquiry and we would revert to you on its stand. Deliveries are made anywhere in India within 7-10 working days as we are a leading Afcona stockist & specially Afcona polyurethane coatings distributors in India. We would be the ultimate answer to your search “paint pigment supplier near me” & be happy to serve you at our best.

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