Exxal™ 13 IsoTri Decanol | CAS No: 68526-86-3 | Best Quality | 500ml to 20L

Category: Synthetic Alcohol
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Exxal alcohols mostly used in Adhesives stabilizers, antioxidants and flame retardants etc.

Concentration: 100%

Physical State: Liquid

Odor: Alcohol

Appearance Colourless

Handling & Storage: Avoid contact with skin. Flammable levels of hydrogen may build up in the headspace during shipping. As a precautionary measure, truck, rail, and ISO container shipments may have been purged with nitrogen before loading. Nitrogen is a simple asphyxiant and containers should be opened in a well-ventilated area. For marine shipments, procedures for closed gauging and sampling should be employed. Use proper bonding and/or earthing procedures. However, bonding and earthing may not eliminate the hazard of static accumulation. Prevent small spills and leakage to avoid slip hazard.
Do not store in open or unlabelled containers. Keep container closed. Handle containers with care. Open slowly in order to control possible pressure release. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area

CAS No. : 68526-86-3

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