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Ibuychemikals.com is one of a kind online chemical store where purity, genuity and trust rules. Started in 2016 ibuychemicals is nurtured by the parent company Pon Pure Chemicals Group, a leader in the chemical Industry with 37 years of experience.

Why are we here?

Ibuychemicals was started solely to reach out to scientists, chemists and research students who can purchase genuine high grade chemicals in small quantities from an online chemical shop. For every chemical requirement of yours you may not be lucky enough to find a genuine chemical supplier nearby. Hoping to be lucky, you cannot rule out the chances of adulteration which is very common when it comes to purchasing small quantities across the counter.

Ibuychemicals puts an end to all these challenges and have made buying chemicals across India a smooth sailing process for all its users.

Working it out!

Logging on to Ibuychemicals you can order for a wide range of general chemicals,lab chemicals, fine chemicals, water treatment chemicals, food chemicals, rust preventive oil, paint & coating chemicals, laundry chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals and house keeping chemicals. Professionally packed in metal, glass or plastic containers the chemicals come in denominations of 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres & 20 litres,with a complete set of supporting documents.

What can you expect from us?

We are bent upon providing a hassle free user experience in purchasing small quantity chemicals with assured quality at all times.Easy payment options and mobile responsive website are sure to impress you to buy chemicals online in India.


“The parent company Pon Pure Chemical India Private Limited was started by Mr.M.Ponnuswami in 1981 based on strong ethical values and a passion for customer service. Starting off with just two employees Mr.M.Ponnuswami for more than 39 years is steering the company with vision, mission, and compassion. Today, under his able guidance Pon Pure Chemicals Group employs more than 770 employees and has several branches in India and abroad. He is also the founder and Managing Trustee of ‘Pon Pure Charities’ which is actively involved in creating infrastructure facilities for educational institutions , public places and also providing educational support for the under privileged students free of cost.”



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