Exxsol D60

Exxsol D60

Exxsol D60 uses for architectural, construction and traffic marking coating etc.
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CAS No. : EGCDEH000003

Category : Deodorised Hydrocarbon

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Exxsol D60 Uses & Features :

Exxsol D60 is an excellent solvent used in industrial and professional applications. One can buy Exxsol D60 online in India at ibuychemikals, an online chemical selling portal from a leading chemical manufacturer and distributor in India. Exxsol D60 Uses are widely found as solvent in

  • Manufacturing process solvent
  • Metal working
  • Architectural, construction and traffic marking coating

  • Properties to be aware of when handling D60

  • Combustible - Should be handle in ventilated areas,extra care should be taken that there are no ignition sources.
  • Air concentration of Exxsol D60 above 184 ppm can cause eye and lung irritation.
  • Extended periods of skin exposure may lead to irritation.

  • The above properties are also shared by exxsol d40 and d80

    As an Exxson D60 seller, safety of our customers is of utmost importance and so we make COA and Exxsol D60 MSDS available for every chemical purchased from us. Our easy payment option, availability of bulk and retail quantities and prompt delivery system are sure to make online buying of chemicals easy.

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