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Triacetin procured by the pharmaceutical industry is available in quantities ranging from 1 Kg to 10 Kg and more.

CAS No. : 102-76-1

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Specification :

Solubility Soluble in water slightly soluble in carbon disulphide. Miscible with alcohol, with ether, and with chloroform.
Identification (A) By Infrared Absorption | Spectrophotometry The Infrared absorption spectrum of the sample is concordant with spectrum obtained from the similar preparation of USP Triacetin RS.
Identification (B) The sample solution prepared as directed in the test of Assay responds to the tests for Acetate.
Specific Gravity NLT 1.152 to NMT 1.158
Refractive Index NLT 1.4290 to NMT 1.4300
Acidity (By Titrimetry) NMT 1.0
Water NMT 0.20
Assay (By Titrimetry on Anhydrous Basis) NLT 97.0 to NMT 100.5
Description Colourless, somewhat oily liquid having a slight, fatty odor.
Molecular Formula C9 H14 O6


1. Triacetin is used as a Plasticizer in formulating of tablet coating materials, solvent and carrier in Pharmaceuticals preparations.

2. The high solvent power, low volatility and low toxicity of Triacetin account for its use as a specialty solvent.

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