Heptane | Aliphatic Hydrocarbon | Solvent | Colorless Liquid | 500ml to 20L

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CAS.No: 142-82-5
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Heptane C7H16 Alternate name is Dipropylmethane, Heptyl hydride and Heptan. Heptane uses are also seen in painting and coating industries as mixed isomers.

Purity Percentage: 99.9%

CAS No : 142-82-5

Chemical State: Liquid

Containers Type: Metal

Chemical formula : C7H16

COA or MSDS: Documents will be sent along with product

Storage Condition: Ample fire water supply should be available. A fixed sprinkler/deluge system is recommended. The container choice, for example storage vessel, may effect static accumulation and dissipation. Keep container closed. Handle containers with care. Open slowly in order to control possible pressure release. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Outside or detached storage preferred. Storage containers should be grounded and bonded. Fixed storage containers, transfer containers and associated equipment should be grounded and bonded to prevent accumulation of static charge.

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Heptane Features :

Heptane, is a non-polar liquid with a straight-chain alkane structure that is widely used as a solvent in laboratories. Heptane being a hydrocarbon, it burns, but it would surprise you as it burns explosively, resulting in engine knocking, which is an undesirable quality. Heptane is also used in the painting and coating industries as a mixed isomer. Pure n-heptane is used for research and development and in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Do not store heptane at high temperatures because its boiling point is about 98.3 °C. Continuous exposure to heptane may result in dizziness and intoxication. To buy heptane for any of your purposes, you would have to find a dealer who is genuine and would supply your required quantity, whether big or small. To answer your question of “Where can I buy n-heptane?” we have it all at Ibuychemikals.com. We supply pure-grade heptane in retail and bulk quantities. 20-liter metal drums are available for bulk purchase, and 500-ml, 1-liter, and 5-liter metal cans are available for smaller procurements when you buy heptane online. We have a very good delivery supply chain that takes care of end-to-end delivery when you buy heptane in India. Our systems and processes are in line, and you can also track the order and check on the status of the consignment. We have a dedicated toll-free number to answer all your queries, or you can always drop us a line.

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Frequently Asked Question

Heptane is an organic compound classified as an alkane with the chemical formula C7H16.