Ammonia solution sp.Gr.0.91 AR

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NH4OH is the chemical formula of Ammonia Solution.

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NH4OH is the chemical formula of Ammonia Solution. It has varied applications which we do not recognize. A few of Ammonia solution uses are :

  • House hold applications
  • Water treatment
  • Food production
  • Treating straws for cattle
  • Lab use

The specific gravity is mentioned so as to put them to the exact requirement. Ammonia solution Analytical Reagent (AR) grade and LR grade are available which are to be taken into account for careful and exact sourcing. If your requirement is in small quantity you can buy Ammonia solution Online at ibuychemikals, it is available in 500ml, 2.5 Litre, 5Litre & 25 Litre. Placing an order for ammonia water to buy online is a simple process, all you have to do is just fill in the mandatory details to sign up and proceed placing the order. You also have the convenience to buy Ammonia solution and deliver them anywhere in India. With your consignment you can also receive COA for proof of Ammonia solution ar grade and MSDS for safe handling.

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