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PureAgri VSO is an effective paraffinic spray oil for the control of mites and insects like RSM in Vegetable crops and fruits

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Product Informations

Containers Plastic
Qauntities 0.5 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Crop - Mites Species and Dosage Use

Chilli - [Yellow mite] 2000-2500
Tomato, brinjal, okra, cotton, soybean, litchi - [Red mite] 2500


Crop Mites Species Dosa(ml/ha)
Chilli Yellow mite 2000-2500
Tomato, brinjal, okra, cotton, soybean, litchi Red mite 2500
Citrus Crops Yellow mite / Red mite 2500
Cucurbitaceous Vegetables Red mite 750
Marigold, jasmine Red mite / Yellow mite 2500

PureAgri - Agro Chemical Advantages

Gone are the days when you lingered with the question of Where to buy horticultural oil to protect vegetable and fruit crops from insects? Agro Chemicals are now available online at ibuychemicals, under the brand name PureAgri. A wide range of agricultural chemicals are specially formulated to keep mites & insects like RSM at bay.

The out-standing feature of the agrochemical that you buy online from us is that they kill pests by surrounding them with a continuous film of oil, and at the same time they do not cause harm to beneficial insects and tender plant tissues. PureAgri VSO is an effectual paraffinic oil that do not raise health issues and are safe for the environment.

Of late the domestic use of PureAgri VSO (insect killer) has increased. Houses nurturing a kitchen garden buy vegetable crops spray oil and use it on vegetable like ladies finger,onion, chilli, brinjal, etc. using foliar spray and make sure of high yields. In large plantations spray oil is used as fruit insect killer on litchi,grapes etc. and assure the farmers of healthy crops and a fruitful harvest.

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Average user rating

4.5 / 5

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Customers Review

Dinesh Shekher 2017-08-12

I have a garden on my rooftop and some of the vegetables had started showing mite infestation during the summers. I was looking for some organic way to overcome that when I found this product online. Purchase and delivery was smooth from I Buy Chemikals. The product was well packed and within a couple of sprays, the mite infestation had considerably reduced. Also, vegetables like bhindi, tomato and curry leaves showed good growth than earlier. There is no chemical content in the product and is merely paraffinic oil so it is rather safe to use. The only suggestion is that it could have come with a sprayer as recommended on the label.

Malik Ghouse 2017-08-12

Been using this product for past three months, it is being great in getting rid of mites and does not have any on plant growth. Would recommend it for all people in vegetable farming.

Sakthivel Sureshbabu 2017-08-12

I have tomato in my garden regularly the fruit got attacked by mites and insects tried many insecticides but they are all not effective. I am worried of this thing, during these one of my friend suggested me to use this product at starting I thought it will be also like the previous products I used. But this time I got better result. It killed the insects and mites, nowadays no problem of mites or insects in my garden. I suggest all to use this product and see the better result.

Nirmal Antony 2017-08-12

I planted a 1.5 acre of tomato and brinjal. before a month of harvesting i found plants are got infected.it makes me frustrated, i try to solve this by preparing my own organic solution. i tried in google. at the time i came to know to about 'PureAgri VSO'. initially i order a 0.5ltrs and use it without any hope, after a week i feel happy plants and now free from infection organically. with a hope then i order a 10ltrs and use it periodically plants are good and healthy free from infection's.i harvested finally well. i went happy and suggest other neighbors too now they too happy on their cultivation. price also cheap compare with other useless fake brands . i suggest others now confidently to use this. Packing and delivery service too good. farmers wants to aware about this product. and make us of it. through technology.