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Potassium Bromide AR 500GM

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Potassium Bromide Analytical Reagent 500 Gram.

KBr also known as Bromide salt of potassium is with the CAS No. 2139626, it is a white crystalline hygroscopic powder, and Potassium Bromide use is as a lab reagent. It also finds its use in spectroscopy, infrared transmission etc. It fully dissolves in water and is colorless; its pH is close to 7. At ibuychemikals you can buy Potassium Bromide AR Grade at its purest. It is available in 500g plastic jars which you can choose from two vendors. To buy Potassium Bromide AR online in higher quantities just send us an enquiry and we’ll deliver to your requirement. Bulk procurements attract competitive Potassium Bromide AR price, so just go for it. Get free shipping for orders above Rs.1000.


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