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Phenol AR 500gm

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Phenol C6H6O Analytical Reagent 500 gram Glass Bottle

CAS No. : P003-24

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Phenol Features:


Phenol is an aromatic organic compound which holds the formula C6H6O, it is also referred to as carbolic acid. Being volatile and mildly acidic they tend to cause chemical burns if proper handling instructions are not followed.


It was originally extracted from coal tar and with its increasing applications it is produced on a large scale from petroleum. It is moderately soluble in water when compared to its solubility in carbon tetrachloride, acetic acid, glycerol, benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Buy Phenol AR grade & LR grade are available for different purposes. A few of its uses are:

  • preparing reagents for plastic manufacturing
  • preparation of phenolic resins
  • phenol is used as preservative in vaccines
  • cosmetic industry

Phenol finds its use in laboratory preparations and testing. Small quantity requirements for such purposes have to be met and we have the answer to your question of ‘Where to buy phenol online in India; you can buy phenol liquid or carbolic acid online in India at Phenol is for sale in different quantities.

Phenol uses in medicine
  • Earliest use was as antiseptic
  • Phenol spray for treating sore throat
  • A combination of anesthetic and Analgesic, relieves pain
  • Its derivatives are used in pharmaceutical drugs
  • vaccine preserver

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