Vooki Hand Sanitizer Liquid

Vooki Hand Sanitizer Liquid

vooki Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol based hand rub which removes germs* like disease spreading bacteria & virus.

(As the Tamilnadu State Govt. has imposed strict lockdown in Chennai from 19th to 30th June 2020, delivery of orders will take longer than usual. Status will be updated once despatched.)

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Product Description & Application:

Product Description:

Vooki Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol based hand rub which removes 99.9% germs* like bacteria & virus that spread diseases. The WHO approved formulation fights germs instantly and is an effective anti-microbial agent that stops the growth and spread of germs like bacteria, fungi, and virus.It kills 99.99% of germs within 10-30 seconds, making it the perfect sterilizing tool. Vooki hand sanitizer has longer contact with the surface; this increases its effectiveness in killing germs. The effective ingredient isopropyl alcohol allows more contact time & has better response in killing germs.

Product Application:

Make sure visible dirt and grease are removed from your hand. Apply a dime-size amount to the palm of one hand and spread it to cover cover the entire surface of both hands and fingers. Rub for 30 seconds to allow the hands to completely absorb the product and the hand sanitizer drys out. Don’t touch food or anything until your hands are dry.

Are you worried where to buy hand sanitizer in Chennai with lockdown in effect? Buy Hand Sanitizer from Vooki that kills 99.9% germs like bacteria and virus, and prevents diseases. At ibuychemikals buy hand sanitizer online in Chennai, in quantities as 5 L,25 L,50 L, 200 L with just a click of a button. The WHO approved formulation kills germs within 10-30 seconds of rubbing it.The effective ingredient Isopropyl alcohol makes way for more contact with the hand and results in efficient killing of germs.

disinfectant spray & Sanitizer buy online, in bulk quantity within Tamil Nadu as of now and soon it is to be launched for rest of India.All you have to do to buy hand sanitizer online, is just register with a few basic details , add products to cart and make payment. Watch out this space to buy hand sanitizer in India as updates will arrive soon, once permission is granted by the government.

Common Questions Answered:
1. To buy hand sanitizer online in India what are the details needed?
As far as ibuychemikals is concerned to buy hand sanitizer online you have to register with basic details like Name, Ph No. and address, No other detail is required.

2. Can we place order to buy hand sanitizer online in India from one place and get it delivered elsewhere?
Yes, you can. In the shipping address details, give complete address details of where it is to be sent.

3. Can individuals buy hand sanitizer in bulk?
Yes, both individuals and companies can buy hand sanitizer in bulk. Hand sanitizer, buy online at best price with WHO recommended formulation and keep away diseases.

4.Is it gel based or liquid?
Vooki Hand Sanitizer is liquid based

5.May I know what is the alcohol percentage on it?
The alcohol percentage in Vooki Hand Sanitizer is 75%

6.Can I order hand sanitizer online in bulk?
Yes, you can place bulk orders for Vooki Hand Sanitizer.

7.Does this sanitizer make the palm rough?
Vooki Hand Sanitizer does not dry your hands but keeps them soft.

8.When will it be delivered to me if purchased hand sanitizer today?
Orders placed at ibuychemikals.com will be delivered in 9-10 day but due to the prevailing unprecedented conditions it may take longer than usual.

9.How many time do i have to apply the Hand Sanitizer on my hands?
It is recommended that you use it once per hour or as often as needed when coming into contact with commonly touched objects / surfaces.

10.Does it leave behind a sticky feel?
No Vooki Hand Sanitizer does not leave behind any sticky feeling, experience instant dryness whilst killing 99.9% germs.

11.In how many fragrances is it available?
It is available in one fragrance which is mild.

12.In what quantity is it available?
Vooki Hand Sanitizer is available in 500ml,5L,25L,50L,200L.

13.What is the shelf life of the hand sanitizer?
Vooki Hand Sanitizer has shelf life of 36 months.

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