Buy acid and acid products online in India at We have a wide range of chemicals to meet the varying requirements of industry demands, businesses,  research students, testing labs and institutions. We offer acids in both small and large quantities. Our acid category has several acids namely acetic acid, formic acid, neodecanoic acid and stearic acid. Acetic acid CH3COOH, an alternate name is Acetyl hydroxide (AcOH) and Hydrogen acetate (HAc).
Acetic acid is used in the manufacture of acetic anhydride, cellulose acetate, vinyl acetate monomer, acetic esters, chloracetic acid, plastics, dyes, insecticides, photographic chemicals, and rubber. Buy acetic acid online from us for best price, we have various quantities from 0.5 liters to 20 liters in stock.  Formic acid CH2O2 / HCOOH systematic called hydroxymethanone and metacarbonoic acid. If you are looking for high-quality formic acid to buy online, then we are the apt marketplace for you. Formic acid is used as a preservative and antibacterial agent, it is also useful in the manufacturing of leather and rubber. It is useful as a miticide by beekeepers.
Neodecanoic acid is a colorless liquid, it's systematically called Neo Acid C10. It is used primarily as an intermediate to make other chemical products. Buy Neodecaanoic acid and Stearic Acid C18H36O2 online for best price from leading acid suppliers and distributors in India at ibuychemikals and get them delivered anywhere in India. 

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