A few years ago, if someone had told us that vegetables could be bought online, no one would have believed them. But, today from groceries to food to clothes anything can be ordered online. The same goes for sourcing chemicals online. Buying chemicals online may sound hard, but it has more benefits than the traditional way of procuring chemicals. Get to know the benefits of buying chemicals online in this blog.

Sourcing chemicals :

We agree sourcing high-quality chemicals involves more steps than traditional shopping.  Procurement of chemicals has several conditions like the quality of chemicals, shelf life, trustable source, stable supply chain and price. Read about the procurement process of chemicals here. { Hyperlink to other blog will be added here}

Buying chemicals online?

Procurement of chemicals is all about obtaining the raw materials and chemicals at the right price and specification without compromising the quality and quantity of chemicals.

But, can that be achieved when it comes to buying chemicals online? 

When the source is trustworthy and has a good history in the market. It is a big yes

Buying chemicals online, can help save effort and time that is spent on traditional buying. As technology and digitalization is taking over most of the industries, it is high time, that chemical industry takes toddler steps towards new technology.

Who are we?

Ibuychemikals is the eCommerce sector of Pon Pure Chemicals group. Pon pure chemicals group is a renowned name across the globe. We are serving the chemical industry for the past 41 years. Throughout our journey, we always had one motive that is “To provide Quality chemicals to our clients”

Quality is our promise to every client and that took us to the place we are now. Being in the industry for four decades, we wanted to be a bridge that reduces the huge gap between the customer and quality chemicals. We witnessed that customers had to take the long way to source quality chemicals and so we came up with the concept of delivering chemicals with a click. Thus we started ibuychemikals – The One stop shop for chemicals. 

Why choose us- ibuychemikals?

Buying chemicals online might sound way too alien at the moment when compared to conventional shopping. But, Ibuychemikals can make buying chemicals easy!

Benefits of Buying chemicals at Ibuychemikals:

  • ibuychemikals is one of the few chemical e-commerce websites in India to offer a wide assortment of chemicals under a single roof. Ease of procuring quality chemicals is the greatest advantage of ibuychemikals.com.
  • When it comes to buying chemicals in small quantities, there are very high chances of adulteration which in turn results in an entirely different end product. Through our Parent company Pure chemicals Co, we learned that there were plenty of requests for high purity chemicals in smaller quantities and surprisingly they were also hard to get. It was the sole reason that we started ibuychemikals.com
  • Ibuychemikals  aims to be the ultimate destination to buy chemicals online in India and be the befitting answer to the query “where to buy chemicals near me?”
  • We deliver chemicals from leading manufacturers in India, so that can ensure the quality of the chemicals we deliver.  The biggest advantage of buying from ibuychemikals, is that we deliver directly from the manufacturer to your door step. There are no intermediate stops
  • At ibuychemikals, we designed our platform to meet the demand of every customer. Our website is aptly categorized to suit every requirement of our customers and has LR, AR and HPLC grades.
  • We have also thought about research students and listed the chemicals that are majorly used by research students so that they can reach out to chemicals at a competitive price. We also provide laboratory glassware. From pipette to Burette. We have it all.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: We have a dedicated customer support team, who can clear all queries related to products available on our website. Based on request we provide estimates and other details like MSDS, Cas No.
  • All consignments are professionally packaged & delivered safely with proper supporting documents, datasheets, authorization certificates and material safety instructions.
  • No more worries about shelf life or purity of chemicals, we deliver products to doorstep across India and make sure
  • We value our customers’ privacy & confidentiality of the information and have highly secured online transactions. To achieve this we have industry-recommended site lock & HTTPS in place. 
  • Also, we have open policies and Terms & Conditions drafted for the mutual benefit  We have a genuine return policy when the need arises.
  • Lastly, considering our busy lifestyle and latest trends, we have made our website mobile responsive, and make use of M-commerce to buy chemicals on the go. Whenever you buy chemicals online you save time, and effort and above all lets you stay focused at work leaving behind worries. 

When you are in need of chemicals, all you need to do is Order online and Relax!

We can take care of the rest for you.

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