Ortho Phosphoric Acid AR 500ml

Category: Organic Salt
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Ortho Phosphoric Acid Analytical Reagent 500ml, Glass Bottle.

Purity Percentage: 98 - 100%

Chemical State: Liquid

Containers Type: Plastic

Chemical formula : H3PO4

COA or MSDS: Documents will be sent along with product

Storage Condition: - Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Corrosives area

Features :

Ortho Phosphoric Acid or phosphoric acid bearing the formula H3PO4 is a colorless, odorless inorganic acid,its molecules can combine with themselves to form phosphoric acids.In high concentration it is corrosive on the skin as well as on metal. If you are wondering where to buy phosphoric acid, ‘you can buy phosphoric acid online’, in sealed containers which are safely delivered at your door steps. Low concentration of orthophosphoric acid is found in colas as they come under the food grade category and do no cause harm.

Through ibuychemikals you can buy phosphoric acid in India in LR, AR and HPLC grades. When you buy orthophosphoric acid, compare online price in India with retailers, it is competitive and is sure to be the best buy. Phosphoric acid uses are varied in concentrated and diluted forms because of which they are found in several applications.Depending on the need and scale of production they can be purchased in small and large quantities.

Other notable uses are :
  • As buffer agent
  • Cleaner for metal deposit
  • To lower pH while growing plants without soil (hydroponics)
  • Adjusts pH of cosmetics and skin care products
  • Used as industrial sanitizer in food & dairy industry

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