VOOKI Glass Surface Cleaner

VOOKI Glass Surface Cleaner

Glass+smooth Surface Cleaner. Hardness is only on dirt & stains. Its pH neutral composition makes it gentle and soft to human skin
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Category : House Keeping Chemicals

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Glass smooth Surface Cleaner Features :

STREAK FREE SHINE with non-toxic ingredients that are safe to skin and environment.

Non-Toxic Ingredients used don’t harm the environment and keep the air you breathe clean. Its perfectly Safe around children.

No ammonia = No streaks. Ammonia free formula will not damage the surface. Our unique product composition clings to vertical surfaces while dissolving smudges, grease, dirt, and grime leaves glass, plastic, metal, and other surfaces clean and bright.

Advanced P3 Formula

penetrates & cuts through deep roots of stains and wipes it away without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. Thus ensures the surface clean & shine.

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