Isopar L

Isopar L

Iso Paraffins - Isopar L
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CAS No. : EGCISP000005

Category : Iso Paraffins

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Isopar L Features :

Isopar L or Naphtha is a synthetic isoparaffin with high purity level. Different grades of Isopar are most suited to formulate cleaning products. You can buy Isopar L online in small quantities to meet the retail needs or in bulk quantities. Most of isopar uses are focused on its non-toxic property which provides a better working environment for employees and being odorless is an added advantage. The high boiling range makes it a favorable additive for working with metals. is one of a kind Isopar L supplier in India as you find pure grade isopar L in varying quantities of 500ml,1Ltr,5Ltr and 20 Ltr ,at best price.Backed by 36 yrs of experience from the parent company Pon Pure Chemicals Group, you can buy Isopar L in India with a click of a button and get it delivered on time. Information on safety instructions and handling precautions are attached to ensure safety of customers.

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