Where to buy Iso Butyl Alcohol Ar 500ml

Iso Butyl Alcohol Ar 500ml

Iso Butyl Alcohol Analytical Reagent 500 ml
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Isobutyl alcohol or Isobutanol bears the formula (CH3)2CHCH2OH. It is a colorless flammable liquid which has slow vaporizing property and a distinct smell. Isobutyl alcohol uses are predominantly as solvent for chemicals and processing of textile.

  • Used in the manufacturing of isobutyl acetate
  • Solvent for paints
  • Removing varnish
  • One of the ingredients in Ink
  • potent alternative to gasoline

One can buy Isobutyl alcohol AR and LR grade depending on the application. The preferences are such that they readily buy Isobutyl alcohol in India & other countries as they are one of the least toxic of all the butanols. If you are looking to buy Isobutyl alcohol Analytical Reagent online, ibuychemikals.com is the best place.A wide spectrum of chemicals are available under a single roof with the convenience of delivery across India.

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