Ammonium Chloride AR

Ammonium Chloride AR

Here you can find formula, uses of Ammonium Chloride AR 500 gram, 5 Kg, 25 Kg and also buy it online at competitive price.Chemicals for industries like agriculture, laundry etc are available.
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NH4Cl is the formula of ammonium chloride which is a white crystalline salt highly soluble in water. When you buy Ammonium Chloride Analytical Reagent and use it as a solution it is mildly acidic.The other name by which it is refered is sal ammonia or salmiac.

Ammonium Chloride uses :
  • Used in fertilizers as it is a good source of nitrogen
  • To free surfaces of metal oxides before galvanization
  • Pharmaceutical industry - in cough syrup & expectorant
  • Treatment of metabolic alkalosis
  • veterinary medicine - prevents stone forming in cattle

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